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freddybarreiro asked: Hola mucho gusto Natalia, te escribo desde Ecuador soy Freddy Barreiro y me dedico al diseño grafico entre otras cosas aun no encuentro en que especializarme me gusta de todo un poco pero bueno eso no es lo que queria hablarte quiero que sepas que acabo de ver un entrevista que te hicieron via hangout y he quedado facinado con tu forma de pensar, experiencia y consejos que has dado de verdad me han hecho reflecionar mucho en serio admiro tu trabajo queria saber si te gustaria venir a Ecuador?

Estoy dando un workshop en Quito a fin de mes
Nos vemos!

katherinehelen asked: Hi Natalia! I absolutely love your work and everything you are doing for the retouching industry. I have watched all your videos and cant get enough! I was wondering what/who else you would recommend to find more high quality instruction like yours? You also mention sometimes that you read alot of forums, which ones do you go to? or which would you recommend?

ModelMayhem usually :)

Things I recommend:

Real Retouching: A Professional Step-by-Step Guide by Carrie BeeneDVD: Beauty Retouching Techniques, Gry Garness

Lovely Product, Lovely Person

It’s great that I like all that content … must be a REALLY good product… 

(spoiler alert: This person created a fake account with my name on it to like his own content)




but WAIT! 

That’s not me!

If you feel the need to deceive people you must not trust your content all that much. Shame on you.

Webinar Gratuito Wacom

Planeando un webinar gratuito con Wacom pronto. Stay Tuned!

theheliummenagerie asked: I love your blog. Thank you for all of the advice. As a Retoucher specifically what are your thoughts on adobes creative cloud?

Well… I had doubts about the accessibility of the price at first but then they offered the Photoshop Photography Program for PS/LR I think it was a great way to handle the complaints. 

About the cloud format it self as a business decision, I think software development is a constant responsibility and takes a huge team to keep innovating constantly so it makes sense to price it monthly.

The cloud works great for the user and has lot of creative advantages. If you’re a working professional (unless you live in a country where exchange is not convenient) you can afford the software you need to use EVERY DAY 

For hobbyist might be more complicated but, if you already have the license for CS6, you don’t NEED to update since you don’t use it professionally (make money with it)

I like the link they created with behance (giving you a pro site)

I like the storage they give you

I like to be able to access updates instantly and not having to wait for a new version.

There’s a lot of good things about it and only a potentially bad one, the price. But if you find worth in it, it’s not really an issue.

That’s my opinion on the Cloud.

andrewjohnharvey asked: Hey Natalia, I've been watching retouching videos and reading blogs for a while now. I'm really keen to start trying to become a retoucher but was wondering where would be the best place to get files that I can start to practice on? here :)

jvaneyk-deactivated20140808 asked: Hi Natalia, I previewed your DVD and am considering purchasing it, I love your work and your style! I was wondering about the steps in which you made adjustments to the body, face, and eyes separately in camera RAW and then used layers and masks to expose each part in photoshop. Is that still part of your current workflow? I like to use Lightroom and want to be sure I can do the same as you!

You can do the same with lightroom :)

mrcch asked: I've just been introduced to you and your work - both are very impressive. Do you conduct any workshops or plan to speak in the New York City area?

No organizer in the states I’m afraid.

Thanks for asking!

kikaphotography asked: Hi, do you have any webiminars on retouching?

All my videos online are listed here

myangphoto asked: Hi Natalia. I don't know if you'll ever get this, but it doesn't really matter if you do. This is just fan mail I suppose. I just wanted to thank you. I want to thank you for all that you put out, and everything you give to the retouching world. I bought your DVD just last week and I watched every minute. There were so many things I wanted to add to my images that I just didn't know how, and you've helped to free these ideas. Thank you. It's a simple phrase, but I hope you know how much it means

You were kind of right… I never read these messages, but I should and I will. Thank you for your kind words, they are really appreciated 

About Me

Natalia Taffarel

My name is Natalia Taffarel, I’m from Argentina and my life is retouching. Becoming a Digital Artist was a natural progression for me. I have a background in Advertising and Graphic Design, and I was born in to a family of printers, therefore I grew up with a great understanding of colour theory and I learnt every method of traditional printing in side out. I began learning Photoshop as a hobby, which quickly turned in to an obsession. My printing background proved useful, as many of the filters that are used in the Photoshop are based on the analogue methods which aided in my understanding. I have since become a Certified Adobe Expert, and built up a strong client base. I find the retouching process an inspired way to take a good image and develop it in to something perfect, or to make a perfect image amazing. I’m a neurotic, detail maniac, control freak who thinks beauty is shown solely through the details. Everything has a hidden beauty and it’s my job to unleash it. I believe hard and constructive criticism is the only way of achieving continued self-improvement. I strive to be the best. As you can see… I’m also modest!

Favorite Quote

Beauty is shown solely through the details