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Notas - Algo del contenido de mi blog en español 

Non Technique related:

So You Want To Be  Retoucher  - Opinion piece dedicated to people wanting to get into this industry featured in FS. Also Applies to PHotographers and other freelancers.

Asi Que Querés Ser Retocador  - Dedicado a quienes quieren entrar en este negocio, también se aplica a fotógrafos y demás freelancers.

Unsolicited Advice - Opinion piece about common mistakes made when one is starting out technique wise.

Unsolicited Advice II - Opinion piece about common mistakes made when one is starting out business wise.


Videos - Index of Videos available online, for free.

Workshops Information

News - Want to know about my upcoming workshops and other related news? 

Technique related:

Following My Workflow Order:

Color - I start with color from the raw (check out the raw video in the DVD website) then I have a serie of useful techniques to even out color after I’ve done other processes such as the following.

Split -Cloning and Healing -  I start working with texture and for me is very important to understand texture and understand what we are doing when separating an image into visual frequencies, not just follow the steps. 

IHP - Inverted High Pass is a technique that I came up with to save some time while evening out transitions between shadow and light.

Warning: Use with responsibility :)

D&B - The real deal when retouching, no image wouldn’t benefit from some working with light.

Blending Mode Tricks - To enhance portraits.


Content Aware


Outside The Blog

Pricing Retouching - Guest blog about pricing retouching. How much should you charge?


My New Website


My Fan Site

About Me

Natalia Taffarel

My name is Natalia Taffarel, I’m from Argentina and my life is retouching. Becoming a Digital Artist was a natural progression for me. I have a background in Advertising and Graphic Design, and I was born in to a family of printers, therefore I grew up with a great understanding of colour theory and I learnt every method of traditional printing in side out. I began learning Photoshop as a hobby, which quickly turned in to an obsession. My printing background proved useful, as many of the filters that are used in the Photoshop are based on the analogue methods which aided in my understanding. I have since become a Certified Adobe Expert, and built up a strong client base. I find the retouching process an inspired way to take a good image and develop it in to something perfect, or to make a perfect image amazing. I’m a neurotic, detail maniac, control freak who thinks beauty is shown solely through the details. Everything has a hidden beauty and it’s my job to unleash it. I believe hard and constructive criticism is the only way of achieving continued self-improvement. I strive to be the best. As you can see… I’m also modest!

Favorite Quote

Beauty is shown solely through the details